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Duck breast in cherry sauce

David’s way: Duck Breast in Cherry Sauce I am patting myself on the back having produced this special meal that was actually very easy. If you want a change from a steak, I recommend this for a Friday night meal with not too much fuss. Note, a duck breast is a similar price to a […]

Game Season – Pheasant

Autumn is definitely in full swing now; and October brings with it the start of the pheasant season. These are the most popular of all the game birds, and gives us a bounty of wild meat for our tables. The golden plumage of the cock bird and the dull brown camouflage of the hens signifies […]

Salt Marsh Lamb

Salt Marsh Lamb will be available again from Monday 25th September 2023. Shoulders of Salt Marsh Lamb: perfect for slow roasting and Greek Gyros Legs – for butterflying and BBQ Loin Chops –  The T-bone of Lamb 6x bone French-trimmed Rack of Lamb Lamb Mince | Diced Salt Marsh Lamb | Salt Marsh Lamb Sausage […]

Game Season: Partridge

The partridge season runs from 1st September to the 1st of February. There are 2 types we have in this country, the English Partridge which is the smallest species, has yellow or grey legs and lesser known than the French Partridge or Red Leg Partridge. This is slightly larger and plumper, and the species you […]

Game Season begins

The Glorious Twelfth is the start of the game season and sees the first day of shooting on the grouse moors. The Red Grouse is a completely wild bird living on the heather moorlands of the UK. The season is short, lasting for just 16 weeks to mid-December. Game is naturally free range, local and […]

Introducing: our BBQ Range

Summer is definitely here. Alfresco dining, BBQs, lighter meals, smokier & spicier flavours: everything feels better with a good dose of sunshine. All your old favourites are still available; but Joe and Richard have been busy in the test kitchen working on new products too. They have revamped our BBQ range and our summer products include: […]

David Lishman’s Guide to Lamb

David Lishman gives a butcher’s lowdown on seasonal lamb; explaining the differences between Lamb, Hogget and Mutton   Spring Lamb We start our journey with Spring Lamb; obviously! Real Spring Lamb is milk-fed and comes straight from the mother. Very young, possibly about 16 weeks old. Season is April and May. Milk-fed Spring Lamb is very […]

Joe’s Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Our Spring recipe features our newly-award-winning Cooking Chorizo. Prep is key to Joe’s recipe. “Get steps 1, 2, 3 and 8 sorted before your guests arrive. This is what I make when I have a few people round. I can enjoy a beer and chat with my mates while I cook. It makes the kitchen […]