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Sourcing the majority of our meat from established Yorkshire farms, we support regional farmers who share our commitment to husbandry, welfare and outstanding quality. Ultimately, we know, trust and respect the farmers we buy from.

A Relentless Search for Knowledge
We love to experiment by exploring new approaches and techniques, learning from others around the world and bringing the incredible results to a wider audience. Creating wonderful food experiences is genuinely what gets us out of bed each morning!

Proper Slow
We’ll never compromise on the quality of our ingredients or the slower, traditional methods that we use. This ensures that those who taste our produce get maximum enjoyment and exceptional flavour every single time.


Heritage Breeds
Many heritage breeds have almost vanished, but are kept alive by small farmers. We value the much better quality and taste produced when compared to high yield commercial breeds. Heritage breeds have higher welfare standards and a lower carbon footprint.

Farms Not Factories
‘Heritage’ means a traditional breed of animal which has become unpopular because they are smaller and slower to grow compared to the modern mass-produced breeds, favoured by the factory farms for the supermarkets.

Small, Local Farms
It is important that small farms and producers are able to continue running because together we sustain a way of life which might otherwise disappear. Smaller farms produce amazing tasting food, shorter road trips and high animal welfare.


Where It All Began
David Lishman grew up on a mixed farm in the Yorkshire Dales. During WW2, the POW’s from the local camp worked on the land. One man, Enrik Blam, was a butcher at home and showed David’s father how to cure and preserve the meat from the pigs on the farm.

Passing Down the Generations
In turn, David too learnt this curing recipe and method from his father, Gordon. We still use the same method to make our ham’s today. This early experience sparked David’s life-long passion for exploring the finest butchery methods and products.

A True Family Business with a Real Heart
Established in 1986, the shop has evolved from a single shop into the fully-fledged butchers, deli and charcuterie that you see today. David’s daughter Emma has joined the business and their passion for fantastic food is at the heart of what we do.


It’s A Craft
Our team care about their craft. There has always been a focus on doing things right at Lishman’s; with zest, and with integrity. This isn’t just any old job; this is craft butchery at its finest. Whether you’re a Lishman’s Apprentice or ‘the boss’ the learning never stops.

Mad About the Pie Haus
Head towards our car park and you’ll pass by our in-house bakery. Pork Pie lovers come to worship at the window towards their favourite pies, pasties & sausage rolls! Our expert bakers have spent years getting our recipes just right and make every single one with care.

Renowned Quality
The Lishman’s ethos of going ‘above and beyond’ shines on: whether it is something as simple as making your hot Porchetta sandwich just the way you like it, or taking the extra time to age and prepare a roasting joint with the care and attention that the livestock deserved.