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Here at Lishman’s we are very proud of our products and we are keen to work with other businesses that share our passion. We provide wholesale meat & bakery goods to bars, restaurants, farm shops and catering establishments in the local area. We can also supply charcuterie, frankfurters & bratwurst and bacon Nationwide.


If you are interested in any of our products, please enter your details in the box below. We specialise in top quality small batch production where care is taken with each individual item.

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We are predominantly pork-based butchers and our supply of high welfare Yorkshire pork allows us to make the following award-winning goods:

Charcuterie – Cured Meats & Salami’s – We have won major accolades with our charcuterie, including a range of Great Taste awards from 1* to 3* and we have previously been crowned British Champion Charcuterie Producer.

Bacon & Hams – We are specialists in producing dry cured and brine cured hams and bacon, using traditional methods.

Sausage – We produce many different varieties and flavours including our National Champion of Champion recipe.

Bakery – Home baked pies ranging from the good old fashioned pork pies and sausage rolls to some modern variations like our chorizo sausage rolls and our pork, apple and black pudding sausage rolls.

Black Pudding – produced to an old 1920’s Yorkshire recipe

Cooked Meats – such as roast hams, smoked chicken and pastrami. We produce and cook everything on site in Ilkley.