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Game Season – Pheasant

Autumn is definitely in full swing now; and October brings with it the start of the pheasant season. These are the most popular of all the game birds, and gives us a bounty of wild meat for our tables. The golden plumage of the cock bird and the dull brown camouflage of the hens signifies autumn is truly with us.

Pheasant can be roasted like a chicken; but David’s absolute favourite is a simple pot roast. For a weekend meal, David is pretty fond of Rosie Birkett’s recipe on BBC Good Food for Pot-roast pheasant with fino & porcini. However, when time is at a premium mid-week, David tends to bash the pheasant fillets out, breadcrumb them and have them as schnitzels. This quick mid-week meal takes only a few minutes to cook and is always eminently satisfying.

Pheasant, along with all local game offers delicious food, with a very low carbon footprint. Pictured here is Rosie Birkett’s recipe for Pot Roast Pheasant with Fino and Porcini, via BBC Good Food.

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