Salt Marsh Lamb

This Cumbrian lamb has a unique flavour and is a renowned seasonal delicacy. Bringing you the ultimate in Slow Food, the Case family are traditional farmers who get it right.

The lambs have been grazing on the salt marshes of Plumpton Cottage Farm on the Leven Estuary since late spring. Just call us or drop us an email to reserve your Salt Marsh Lamb when it comes to our butchery counter later this summer.

We will have all cuts available – reserve and plan using our recipe suggestions below. Salt Marsh Lamb will be available on the counter from  Thursday 25th August 2022, while stocks last.

Farmer’s Notes

The lambs graze on a variety of iodine-rich plants and minerals growing in the salt marshes. Surprisingly it doesn’t taste at all salty or of seaweed as you might expect; instead the richly flavoured meat has gentle hints of the coastal flora & fauna, such as glasswort, sea purslane, samphire & sea lavender.


Fun Fact!

Rounding up the Salt Marsh Lambs are more difficult than normal lambs in one field, because they are all over the salt marshes which means that you can’t always access them. This is why the Case’s family dog, Sam, always keeps so fit!

Give our two recipes a whirl some time and let us know how you get on – we LOVE seeing your pics across social media.

Just the best quality you can wish for.

— Sarah, via facebook