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Great Taste Awards 2022

Lishman’s Charcuterie scores again in the Great Taste Awards

 Our ‘well-balanced, well-cured and melt in the mouthCoppa received 2 Stars in today’s results. Less than 9% of products received such an accolade for being ‘above and beyond delicious’.

Described by the judges as having “a deep buttery, earthy flavour” this sweet, silky, air-dried pork is a really clean-tasting product.


How do we serve it?

Coppa works well on a Charcuterie board and can be enjoyed with bread and cheese. We also also recommend garnishing risottos, salads and omelettes with slices of pan-fried or grilled Coppa.

Whichever way you go, we know you’ll really enjoy its creamy, marbled, delicate flavour. Visit the shop, or order online for UK-wide delivery.


How do we make it?

We pride ourselves on using traditional techniques and recipes; with only the very best outdoor-reared, high welfare Yorkshire pork from our favourite pig farmer, Colin Piercy. We’re super proud to work with such outstanding farmers: you really can appreciate the quality of the animal husbandry when you enjoy our products.

With 96% pork, plus curing salts, pepper and coriander we carefully cure the product for six weeks until it reaches absolute perfection.

Knowing that the judges appreciated the ‘clean pure porkiness and particularly appreciated the simplicity’ is a really big deal and proves that our Coppa delivers what we always set out to achieve flavour-wise.

<< Andrew Waterhouse, Production Manager, David Lishman & Jack Wells, Assistant Production Manager with their award-winning Coppa, August 2022


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