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Spatchcock School

Joe brings you a butchery demo to help you at home. We run various monthly butchery demos in store, but wanted to give you the chance to watch the detail and give spatchcocking a whirl at your own pace, in your own kitchen. You’ll notice that Joe is using his butcher’s knives for the demo which he sharpens every single day. Before you get cracking, take time to really sharpen your knives: and remember that some good scissors also work a treat on the backbone. Nigella swears by turning the chicken over and taking out the backbone with scissors, and who are we to argue! Spatchcocking is a great skill to learn and really helps you feel like an accomplished chef. We recommend the following ways of serving up your Spatchcock:
  • – Try marinading in a blend of spices & mayo – for at least an hour or overnight
  • – Try stuffing plenty of fresh herbs, butter & crushed garlic under the skin before cooking
  • – Or try cooking it simply and serving with spicy rice, peri peri corn on the cobs and plenty of slaw
  • – We love BBQing the Spatchcock for 5 minutes each side in the centre to get some nice colour and crispy skin, then moving it to the edges of the BBQ, turning regularly until cooked through & piping hot (approx. 30 mins depending on size). Make sure you always let it rest for 10 mins before serving.
Spatchcock Chicken is a bbq staple, but if your knives aren’t up to it – or if you’re short on time – we’ve always got spatchcocked, marinated chickens available throughout the summer for you to take home. Watch Joe’s Spatchcock demo here >>