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Master Butchery Courses

Butcher’s Block session

This weekend, Joe and Stuart will be guiding you in the art of getting to grips with your hindquarter. Join them at 11am on Saturday for the ‘Buttock of Beef Butchery Demo‘ where they’ll be breaking down the hindquarter, whilst sharing their passion for outstanding produce. The chaps will explain the merits of each cut and […]

Spatchcock School

Joe brings you a butchery demo to help you at home. We run various monthly butchery demos in store, but wanted to give you the chance to watch the detail and give spatchcocking a whirl at your own pace, in your own kitchen. You’ll notice that Joe is using his butcher’s knives for the demo […]

Butchery Workshops

At Lishman’s we firmly believe that we reap what we sow. If we expect engaged butchers, charcutiers and apprentices through our door when we’re recruiting, it’s absolutely essential that we devote time to ensuring that the next generation have been inspired at an early age by enthusiastic teachers and passionate role models. Butchery (much like […]

Bringing Home the Bacon

What is bacon? Bacon comes from the loin and belly of a pig – and this is either cured in brine, or dry-cured using salt. In the days long before you found a fridge in every kitchen, the curing process was designed as a way of preserving meat throughout the winter. The pigs would fatten […]

All New Master Butchery Class for 2011

For 2011 I will be holding a brand new Master Butchery Class-and I am really excited about it! The new class will be Salami Making, held in my flagship Ilkley shop. Salami’s and other cured meats make up a considerable part of many people’s weekly shop, but how many people know the processes behind them? […]

A Charcuterie Masterclass

Throughout last year, I have been hosting Master Butchery Courses, with more coming during 2011, in order to pass on the fascinating subjects that I deal with every day to the general public. This week we held a Charcuterie Master Class, where the pupils were taken through the world of pork butchery, starting with the […]