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Butcher’s Block session

This weekend, Joe and Stuart will be guiding you in the art of getting to grips with your hindquarter.

Join them at 11am on Saturday for the ‘Buttock of Beef Butchery Demo‘ where they’ll be breaking down the hindquarter, whilst sharing their passion for outstanding produce.

The chaps will explain the merits of each cut and give cooking tips for each. Beef is always a firm favourite on the butcher’s dinner tables, and it’s easy to understand why once you learn about the journey of our cattle; from their time grazing in the fields… to maturing in our himalyan salt chamber… to the skills that go into preparing the beef for the counter.

Visit the shop on Saturday 1st October at 11am to watch our Buttock of Beef Butchery Demo. They’ll break down our beef hindquarter  into Shin of Beef, Topside, Silverside and Thick Flank. The boys will then be butchering these into products you see in our counter and explaining the merits, idiosyncrasies and cooking tips for each cut, as well as more about the amazing farms they come from.

It’s 15 minutes of edu-tainment for any keen cook. If you love your food, you’ll really enjoy this free session packed full of tips and advice. No need to book; just turn up and enjoy!

Butcher’s Block Demo: Buttock of Beef, Saturday 1st October 11am, at Lishman’s of Ilkley

Coming soon: Pork Demo.

Don’t forget to let us know what other butchery demos you’d love to see, and we’ll make it happen!