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The Broad Chare, Newcastle

Recently I met a restaurateur on a salami making course where we were both taught by some Italians how to make great salami’s. While chatting I found he shares my passion for salami’s and cured meats. Terry Laybourne is well known in Newcastle for owning some fine quality eating establishments, the newest of which is The Broad Chare. His restaurants and pubs are well known for their quality, honest food, nothing too fancy, just good British Grub and Home Cooking. After hearing some good recommendations for the Broad Chare, I made a trip with my wife and family to Newcastle.  The pub is down by the keyside, a traditional pub serving top quality, homemade fare.

When the pub first opened in early May Terry wanted to put Pork Pies on the menu, but was not in a position to do so to begin with because he did not have the appropriate equipment in place. He asked me to help out, and we shipped pork pies up to him for a week whilst he got his chefs up to expert standard. Obviously, I had to sample one of their Pork Pies while I was there, and I have to say, they were very good, although not a Yorkshire Pork Pie! The meat gives it away, Yorkshire Pork Pies have pink meat, while these contained grey meat.

We started with the bar snacks menu; the six of us tucking into Middle White Pork Crackling with Bramley Apple Sauce, Warm Scotch Eggs with the yolk still running, their home-made Pork Pies, Monkfish Cheeks, Crispy Pigs Ears, and Fresh Oysters. Everyone sampled everything, and all were declared to be delightful.Watch The Channel (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

For my Main Course, I went for Boiled Beef and Carrots. Real comfort food! We also tasted the Haggis with a Fried Duck Egg and HP Sauce.

This pub is very simply done, really well staffed and runs like a well-oiled machine serving proper pub grub at good prices, and I would recommend it to anyone travelling through Newcastle.