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Game Season begins

The Glorious Twelfth is the start of the game season and sees the first day of shooting on the grouse moors.

The Red Grouse is a completely wild bird living on the heather moorlands of the UK.

The season is short, lasting for just 16 weeks to mid-December.

Game is naturally free range, local and low fat. We have venison and grouse in the counter from Friday 18th August 2023: you can always pre-order your Grouse in advance.

These birds are much sought after by chefs and home cooks and only hunted when there is a surplus.

David enjoys his Grouse, roasted with rich red wine gravy and bread sauce.

Next up in Game Season: Partridge

You can order Lishman’s Game for delivery to wherever you are in the UK.
Please note that the shop’s selection on the counter changes daily throughout Game Season, and will be larger than our range of game available online; you can find out what we have in today’s game bag by giving us a call or dropping us a message.