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Game Season: Partridge

The partridge season runs from 1st September to the 1st of February.

There are 2 types we have in this country, the English Partridge which is the smallest species, has yellow or grey legs and lesser known than the French Partridge or Red Leg Partridge. This is slightly larger and plumper, and the species you are most likely to see in the butchers or on the restaurant menu.

Partridge are often raised in arable farming areas where crops are plentiful and high hedgerows and woodlands provide shelter.

Partridge are small, single portion game birds. David likes to eat his either halved and grilled or barbecued on the bone, or roasted like a small chicken. David tends to serve it as a whole bird, but feels obliged to cut the breast off and serve without the bone for members of the family!

The taste of partridge meat is slightly more flavoursome than a chicken with a little more bite; pictured here is Delicious magazine’s fabulous Roast Partridge with Cider Gravy recipe

Picture credit: Delicious magazine.

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