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Belly Pork- A fantastic cut of meat

This week in the shop we have a special offer on belly pork. This is a most amazing cut, and sadly under-used, although it is growing in popularity since Jamie and co have started using it in their programmes. Perfect for slow roasting, the pork belly is marbled with thick layers of fat, which just melt into the meat during cooking, producing a beautifully moist and flavoursome roast. The fat under the skin also makes perfect crackling if you ramp the heat up at the end of the cooking time; and really what roast pork dish would be complete without it?!

Because belly pork is less fashionable, it is still a fairly cheap cut, and with my offer this week, it is now even more affordable! We now have 20% off if you buy more than 1 kilo of pork belly, making it the perfect choice for a special meal this week. Why not try this amazing recipe from Jamie Oliver?

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As he says, it is essential to get good quality pork for the right results, so supermarket cuts should definitely be avoided. For the best quality meats, always buy from your local butcher!

For something a little different, why not try rolling your pork belly around a filling? One of my favourite meals is pork belly with garlic and fennel seeds, rolled and roasted. Simply turn your belly skin side down, smear with crushed garlic and sprinkle with fennel seeds, then roll and tie before roasting in a hot oven and serving with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables. I can’t think of anything better!