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Ripailles by Stephane Reynaud

Ripailles is another fantastic French recipe book by Stephane Reynaud, who has written several books in the past, including Pork and Sons (one of my most thumbed recipe books). I love this book for the pictures, which are so inspiring, and the recipes which give you a real taste of real rustic French meals, that are comforting, simple and remind you of holidays where you visited small cafes and bistros in quaint French towns.

This book contains over 400 pages of fantastic recipes and illustrations, with many recipes using cuts of meat that we don’t often consider in the UK. Calves cheek and bone marrow make several appearances, while his recipe for pork rillettes has got to be the best recipe for this dish I have come across-so simple, yet a beautiful outcome-not good if you’re on a diet though!!Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

This is a fantastic exploration of French cusine and culture, using some of the rare, but most flavoursome cuts, and makes you want to spend an afternoon by the aga, cooking some great dishes.

Interested? You can buy this book on Amazon- follow this link to go straight to it.