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Wine of the Month – September

Stuart with The Liberator

To kick off late summer, we’ve got our wonderful Stuart to introduce you to his current tipple of choice: The Liberator, Shiraz, from South Africa.

Stu thinks that this Shiraz works a treat with our burgers, and we’ve had excellent feedback from you all about how well it pairs with our himalayan salt aged steaks and most particularly, our heritage Tomahawks.

Stuart tells us that The Liberator is ‘pretty vibrant… and it feels good to be supporting the South African wineries after everything they’ve been through‘. South Africa banned alcohol sales during Covid and the wineries are still really going through the mill.

Stuart backs The Liberator from South Africa with a well stacked Lishman’s Burger for a deeply warming, satisfying evening. “This South African Shiraz is an old-world style wine, with bold flavours that cut through red meats beautifully.Stuart outside the back of the shop

September 2022s’s Wine of the Month: The Liberator, Shiraz, £15.30

Works well with: Smithfield Burgers, Aged Steaks, Heritage Breed Tomahawk Steaks