This Week’s Sausage

  • One of the best things about shopping from our counter means you can switch it up and pick as many or as few individual sausages as you like. Whether it’s Sausage Roulette or your very own mini tasting session; we are as happy to serve you a single sausage as we are a whole length! Each week we roll out speciality sausage flavours, as well as our old classics.

Available on the counter from Wednesday 29th June – Tuesday 5th July:

  • – BOEREWORS SAUSAGE – Originating in South Africa, this translates as ‘Farmers sausage’ and is a delicious blend of our grass-fed beef and local pork. It has a high meat content, firm texture and is absolutely stonking when cooked on the bbq.
  • – PORK, APPLE & BLACK PUDDING – a well-balanced sausage with earthy tones from the black pudding hitting soft, juicy apple and our delicious pork.
  • PORK, HONEY & MUSTARD – a classic combination which is sticky, sweet and with a touch of mustardy heat.
  • – PORK, CHILLI & N’DUJA – We pair Colin Piercy’s wonderful outdoor bred pork with chilli and our smooth, spicy n’duja. It’s got a kick and you’ll love it. Serve fresh from the BBQ, in a a sweet brioche bap with a cold beer.

We switch up our sausage menu every week: if there’s a particular sausage you want us to mix, just let us know and we’ll put it on the production menu for the following week. We’ll always have Champion, Champion Thin, Cumberland, Cooking Chorizo & our Yorkshire Sausage on the counter, but we’ll have a few specialities on too.

<< Here’s the legendary Robbie busy filling sausage early on a Monday morning, ready for all our trade customers, local deliveries and shop regulars.

Just the best quality you can wish for.

— Sarah, via facebook