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This Week’s Sausage

Each week we roll out speciality sausage flavours, as well as our old classics. If there’s a particular variety you would like us to mix, just drop us a message and we’ll put it on the production menu for the following week.

Available in the self-serve fridges between Monday 13th November and Saturday 18th November:

  • LA TOSCANA, ITALIAN SAUSAGE – our award-winning outdoor-bred, high welfare Yorkshire pork sausage with typical Italian flavours, mainly fennel seeds. Made without gluten. It’s brilliant cut up in pasta and leftovers work particularly well as a fragrant pasta salad.
  • PORK, APPLE & BLACK PUDDING – earthy tones from the black pudding and deep pepper hit our delicious, outdoor-bred pork.
  • VENISON SAUSAGE – we absolutely love this one in a casserole with cranberry sauce, root veg and red wine.

We always have ChampionChampion ThinCumberlandCooking Chorizo & our Yorkshire Sausage on the counter, and available for UK-wide delivery.

Send our sausage all over the UK: order online here