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Our Farmers

In early September, some of the Lishman’s team visited our long-standing farmers and suppliers in Cumbria. We’ve worked with our farmers there for many years and wanted to give newer members of our team more of an insight into how the animals are raised; and exactly how this determines good quality meat.

When you come to Lishman’s you can trust that we have taken the time and effort to source what we believe to be a high quality, high welfare animal: we will never choose intensively reared.

We are immensely proud to source slow-grown produce and know that if our team better understand farming, they can share their knowledge with our customers. Whilst we appreciate that not everyone wants to know the story of their meat before it reaches the table; we do believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our team do!

So, what did we see, and who did our team visit, on our educational farm tour?

Providence is paramount at Lishman’s. Our Pork, Chicken and Lamb comes from within Yorkshire but for certain products we hop out of the county to source from slightly further afield; particularly when it comes to the seasonal delicacy that is Salt Marsh Lamb!

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