We at Lishman’s are very pleased to offer our range of hams for which we have won many awards. These hams are cured in a time honoured way, to recipes which have been passed down since they were cured on our family farm in the 1940’s.

We are limited to the amount of hams we can produce from our shop here in Ilkley in the Yorkshire Dales, and so this small selection is available on a first come first served basis.

Ours are very different from the mass-produced hams available in supermarkets and many meat stores. Pigs are specially selected from our local farms, mostly Easingwold just north of York, where the pigs are born in the open air and slowly grown to produce the best flavour and texture.

We only use the sweeter meat from the gilts (females). Each leg is hand crafted by our dedicated butchers and curers into the finest hams. Some are dry cured and can take up to 3 months to become the finished ham, whilst others are cured for a slightly shorter period in a traditional ‘live’ brine. The result is an old fashioned well flavoured ham which is vastly different from the fast wet hams mechanically produced for a cheaper offering.

Our curing does not limit itself to hams, but also covers real bacon and a wide range of charcuterie.

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