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Eco Warrior Butchers

Times are changing and even good old fashioned butchers like us have to get with the programme. We might not quite be wearing mung bean sandals but we’re still working hard to do our best to improve our green credentials and minimise the  impact we’re having upon our beloved planet.


Recent changes:

  • A surge in the number of customers who bring their own tubs and packaging to the shop for us to fill
  • We’ve switched to recycled carrier bags made from plastic bottles, plus our canvas bags are now being spotted in all corners of the globe
  • Our Christmas Brochure is printed on paper from a sustainable source and the polywrapping is 100% recyclable too
  • We’re making active steps to further reduce the amount of paper used throughout the business
  • We’ve invested in a cardboard baler to reduce the amount we send off to landfill by 67%
  • We use Vegware coffee cups – they are environmentally safe and are completely compostable
  • All bones and animal waste is recycled and is even used in the production of electricity
  • We’ve switched to Green Gas in partnership with Contract Natural Gas, Harrogate. Green Gas might be more expensive than nasty ‘normal’ gas, but is much better for the world.


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