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Behind the Scenes at Lishmans: Why We Did It

Recently we have discovered a new more modern way of getting our message across to the people.

We are busy butchers; making pies, producing sausage, curing bacon and hams, and many other things beside which we are particularly proud of. Because of the layout of our shop in this Victorian terrace, much of what we do goes on out of sight. Yet it is performed by artisans, craftsmen who take a pride in their handiwork. And perhaps we expect everyone who visits us to know the effort that takes place behind the scenes, but of course many don’t. One man once told me ‘You can be the best butcher in the world, but unless you tell someone, no one will know’

This is why we have hired the services of a video team to convey our philosophy and ethos.

Youtube is now the second most visited search engine on the web. To put up a 3 minute video explaining who we are, what we do, and why we do it, in my opinion says so much more than having text written on the ‘About’ section on a website. It also allows us to demonstrate what we do away from the premises, in particular the lengths we go to, selecting the livestock and produce we will be selling in the shop.

I feel that a well produced video is now one of our most important marketing tools. It reaches people who are interested in what we do, it is easily distributed through the social media network, and it gets noticed by journalists and bloggers who further promote us. It is however, hugely reliant on the person behind the camera, who can direct you and make you come across in an interesting manner, and get the pictures that show you and your business off in the best light possible.

And, also very importantly, apart from it being fun to do, it provides a snapshot in time which means I will be able to show my grandchildren how we worked in the early days of the 21st Century. A true historical record.