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The Science of Steak

We’ve been giddy about our Himalayan Salt Chamber ever since we refurbished our butchery; but what is it, and how does it have such a fundamental impact on our steaks? David explains the science behind maturing meat to perfection.

Our new maturing chamber contains Himalayan Salt bricks which reduce the humidity and control the atmosphere within the chamber, ensuring that spoilage is kept to an absolute minimum. As the meat ages in the chamber, the enzymes break down in the meat so that it becomes tender whilst the flavour develops. It’s a win-win basically!

For those who might remember their Chemistry GCSE (or dare we say ‘O Level’…?) you’ll recall the diagram with positive and negative ions. Without wanting to get too Heston; the negative ions within our Himalayan Salt react with the positive ions in our grass fed heritage beef and it’s this which makes the flavour sweeter, and really well-balanced.

So if you’ve been wondering why we keep shouting about Himalayan Salt from the rooftops; that’s why. Our cattle certainly isn’t himalayan, but the salt in our maturing chamber is. And it makes our farmers’ heritage breed beef taste even more utterly glorious than you might have imagined.


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