Wine of the Month – May

We’re working with Dan from Yorkshire Vintners to bring you some truly superb wines that you won’t find anywhere else in Ilkley. Each of the wines in our range work particularly well with certain products of ours, and every month we’ll introduce a favourite and highlight some food pairings to whet your appetite.

This month, it’s Stuart who introduces his favourite from our team Wine Training Session: Aga Tinto, £10.50, a fresh, fruity and toasty red wine which pairs wonderfully with our heritage breed steaks and our charcuterie boards.

This Tempranillo is a very drinkable wine, packed with flavour and smooth fruity notes. If you’ve been on holiday recently it may remind you of tucking into tapas and Rioja on a cobbled street, somewhere sunny.

It really sings when set against steaks, game, charcuterie and anything salty.  On the nose you’ll appreciate its spicy qualities, with fresh fruity notes. Stuart remarks that it is his “absolute favourite red. Nothing comes close to a proper steak and a good bottle of red at the end of a busy week does it? This one feels like a Rioja, but is really fruity and almost oaky at times. It’s my ultimate red these days!

The wonderful thing about a Tempranillo is that it works a treat with game, steak and charcuterie. Our Joe’s Chicken and Chorizo Paella recipe has been a real hit with our customers; and the Aga Tinto is a classic pairing with a good paella. It’s a great value dish & wine combo to serve up during late spring celebrations.”

May 2022’s Wine of the Month: Aga Tinto, £10.50

Works well with: charcuterie, steak, game, salty foods

Just the best quality you can wish for.

— Sarah, via facebook