Traditional Ham is Back – Almost!

I am very pleased to announce that we are girding up our loins (and hams) to offer a nationwide service, so you can have a traditional ham delivered direct to your door.

We live in an age of mass produced, over processed wet ‘plastic’ ham where every slice looks the same and tastes nothing like the ham we had in our youth.

There are very few traditional ham curers left in this country. But those of us who are left, follow similar, centuries old techniques to produce a fantastic tasting ham from high welfare, locally reared pigs.

My family has been curing hams since before WW2, and we at Lishman’s butchers have continued this process.

Time, skill and patience is needed to cure a real ham. It takes experience and knowledge, and the end result is the most fantastic flavoured ham you can buy. If you are interested in receiving information on our hams and associated products for festive periods, family get togethers or just because you love ham, please register an interest by emailing us  and we will contact you once all our hams are in a row! We just need to get the boring bits of website and technology sorted first.

Just the best quality you can wish for.

— Sarah, via facebook