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David Lishman

Game Season: Partridge

The partridge season runs from 1st September to the 1st of February. There are 2 types we have in this country, the English Partridge which is the smallest species, has yellow or grey legs and lesser known than the French Partridge or Red Leg Partridge. This is slightly larger and plumper, and the species you […]

The Smithfield Awards

We butchers love to pit our wits against one another to see who has the best pie, or sausage or innovative product. It’s a meat thing and it goes on all over the world. Just take a look at the barbecue competitions in the US. Q Guild Butchers  (there’s around 130 independent butchers shops who […]

Behind the Scenes at Lishmans: Why We Did It

Recently we have discovered a new more modern way of getting our message across to the people. We are busy butchers; making pies, producing sausage, curing bacon and hams, and many other things beside which we are particularly proud of. Because of the layout of our shop in this Victorian terrace, much of what we […]

A Salumi Tour of Tuscany

Any fool can know. The point is to understand – Albert Einstein I have read all the books on the science of salami making and cured meat preserving. I have practiced it to quite a degree too. But it’s not until you meet the fathers, sons and families whose lives revolve round it and has […]

The Glories of Highland Cattle

Highland Cattle. What are they? These shaggy coated long horned cattle thrive on the rough pasture and hillsides of their native Scotland. Probably the most handsome of all cattle breeds, they produce wonderfully flavoured beef with a marbling of fat, synonymous with many British breeds, which naturally bastes the meat whilst it cooks, enhancing the […]

Sage and Lemon Veal Chops

We don’t always stock veal chops, but when we do, I always snaffle a couple, purely for quality control. They’re simple and quick to cook, and I really enjoy them with a little citrusy finish. Try this recipe. Sage and lemon veal chops Lots of garlicky butter, lemon juice and sage are delicious with a […]

Flying Food Trip to Edinburgh

I find Edinburgh to be a marvellous place to visit. It has history, it’s cosmopolitan, and is the home to some really great food places which are run by people who are passionate about their trades and crafts A recent trip there on a food fact finding mission confirmed this to me. Two of the […]