York Ham


This is the oldest and most classic ham which we have adapted to 21st century tastes. Originally this would be a firm, dry and rather salty product, created to last for months in the damp cool northern climate. Our take on this reduces the salt level and gives us a moister and softer texture by using both brine and dry curing methods. We hang it for a number of weeks to cure and intensify the flavour.
Traditionally this is boiled and decorated with golden breadcrumbs.

Our hams come with the full soaking and cooking instructions

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**Please note this ham will only be available throughout December**

We are all about little to no wastage, so we have 2 options of York Hams:

1. The whole bone in York Ham.

2. A whole York Ham butchered into smaller cuts. This will consist of a half gammon (shank end), gammon steaks, a corner joint and diced gammon. See picture for the contents of this box.

Minimum weights:
Bone in Whole 6.5kg

Ingredients: Pork, Salt
Contains E250 and E252