Luxury Ilkley Box


All our favourite charcuterie and cured products along with beer from our friends over at Ilkley Brewery.
All our charcuterie comes with a shelf life of over 5 months and our bacon has up to two weeks.

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This box contains:
• Air Dried Ham 55g – Cured from the back leg of outdoor reared Yorkshire pork and air dried for at least 6 weeks. Nice with runny cheese and pickles in a baguette.
• Lomo 55g – Dry cured from the eye of the loin and rolled in paprika.
• Chorizo 55g & 100g – Seasoned with paprika and garlic, this salami won a 3 star Great Taste Award 2017!
• N’duja 140g – soft and spreadable salami seasoned with chilli and paprika making it fiery hot. This is best dotted on pizzas, grilled on bread or added to pasta dishes. Awarded a 2 star Great Taste award in 2017!
• Fennel Salami 55g – Yorkshire outdoor reared pork, seasoned with fennel. Awarded silver at the British Charcuterie Awards 2018. Serve with cheeses or add to pasta / pizza.
• Pepperoni & Red Wine 55g – Yorkshire beef & pork blended with fennel, cayenne and a splash of red wine. Awarded a 2 star Great Taste Award in 2017. Perfect for pizzas or just to have with cheese.
Hazelnut & Cider Salami 55g – A blend of pork & Yorkshire cider, crafted with Hazelnuts into a great English salami
• Smoked Salami 100g – Simply seasoned and oak smoked, ready to slice
• Beersticks x 4 – a mixture of our mild and spicy snacking sticks
• Northern Blue Cheese 180g – produced by Shepherd’s Purse and described as “creamy, steely and sweet. A powerhouse blue cheese made with Milk from hard as nails Northern cows.”
• Wensleydale Extra Mature Cheddar 240g – typically aged for 15 months for strength and character.
• Goldmedal Dry Cured Bacon 225g x 2
• Smoked Dry Cured Bacon 225g
• Smoked Streaky Bacon 225g x 2
• Yorkshire Black Bacon 225g – cured in black treacle
• Gammon Steaks x 2
• Yorkshire Black Pudding 300g – homemade to a recipe discovered in an early 1920’s butcher’s manual
• Yorkshire Chutney of our choice
• Ilkley Brewery Beer 500ml x 4 bottles