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Luxury Ilkley Box

All our favourite charcuterie and cured products along with beer from our friends over at Ilkley Brewery. We put this box together as the ideal gift to send to Yorkshire Expats to remind them of what they’re missing.
All our charcuterie comes with a shelf life of over 2 months and our bacon has up to two weeks.


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This box contains:
• Air Dried Ham 55g – Cured from the back leg of outdoor reared Yorkshire pork and air dried for at least 6 weeks. Nice with runny Cheese and pickles in a baguette.
• Lomo 55g – Dry cured from the eye of the loin and rolled in paprika.
• Chorizo 55g & 100g – Seasoned with paprika and garlic, this salami won a 3 star Great Taste Award 2017!
• N’duja 140g – soft and spreadable salami seasoned with chilli and paprika making it fiery hot. This is best dotted on pizzas, grilled on bread or added to pasta dishes. Awarded a 2 star Great Taste award in 2017!
• Fennel Salami 55g – Yorkshire outdoor reared pork, seasoned with fennel. Awarded silver at the British Charcuterie Awards 2018. Serve with cheeses or add to pasta / pizza.
• Pepperoni & Red Wine 55g – Yorkshire beef & pork blended with fennel, cayenne and a splash of red wine. Awarded a 2 star Great Taste Award in 2017. Perfect for pizzas or just to have with Cheese.
Hazelnut & Cider Salami 55g – A blend of pork & Yorkshire cider, crafted with Hazelnuts into a great English salami
• Black Pepper & Garlic Salami 100g – Simply seasoned and oak smoked, ready to slice
• Beersticks x 2 packs of 2 – a mixture of our mild and spicy snacking sticks
• 2 cheeses selected by Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers to compliment our charcuterie
• Goldmedal Dry Cured Bacon 200g
• Smoked Dry Cured Bacon 200g
• Smoked Streaky Bacon 20g
• Yorkshire Black Bacon 200g – cured in black treacle
• Champion Thick Pork Sausage (6)
• Yorkshire Pork Sausage (6)
• Gammon Steaks x 2
• Yorkshire Black Pudding 300g – homemade to a recipe discovered in an early 1920’s butcher’s manual
• Yorkshire Chutney of our choice
• Ilkley Brewery Beer 500ml x 4 bottles