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Heritage Breed Box

Our Heritage Breed beef box is available in a very limited number for one week only (27th February to the 2nd March), order promptly to avoid disappointment.

Joe’s heritage breed beef box contains his favourite cuts of Shorthorn beef from Tom Postlethwaite’s very special farm in Ulverston, Cumbria. We only have ten of these boxes available, so if you fancy getting hold of one you need to get cracking.

Tom’s speciality breeds are slow-grown, full of flavour and succulence. Shorthorn is a very hardy, sturdy breed which gives rich marbling and depth of flavour. Every mouthful is different with Shorthorn!


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This box contains the following:
• Roasting Joint (1kg, serves 4+)
• 2 x 8oz Primary Steaks (Sirloin or Rump)
• 2 x 8oz Secondary Steaks (Flat Iron or Bavette)
• 4 Smithfield Steak Burgers
• 500g Steak Mince
• 500g Chuck Steak
• 500g Shin Beef
• Homemade Beef Dripping