Edward St Bakery

Cinnamon Buns

Every weekend, we’re delighted to bring the best of Saltaire here to our shop in Ilkley! 

Our good pals at Edward St Bakery have ramped up production to ensure that we can have a decent supply of their most popular springtime bakes. You may think you know your ‘artisanal cinnamon buns’ but trust us… once you’ve tried an Edward St Bakery one, there’ll be no going back!

As with all baked goods, it’s a case of the early bird catches the bun… so your best bet is to pre-order OR make sure that you stumble out to us earlier rather than later. And remember, we’ll always turn a blind eye if you’re still wearing your slippers.

• Savoury Stuff: Dirty Garlic Bread (£4.50) – top quality bread with plenty of garlic and oozing with a rich bechamel sauce; find it in our freezers at the back of the shop. Serves 2-3.

Fridays & Saturdays at Lishman’s, from 8am until sell-out:

• Chocolate Croissants – £2.40

 • Cinnamon Buns – £2.75

 • Swirly Things – £2.90 (flavour changes daily)


Edward Street Bakery logo

We’re chuffed to partner with Edward St Bakery to bring you the best bakes from the other side of the moor.

Bob down early to pick yours up or drop us a message to reserve. Please preorder by midday Wednesday to guarantee yours.

Just the best quality you can wish for.

— Sarah, via facebook