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Cured – Lindy Wildsmith

Last year I was contacted by Lindy Wildsmith requesting my knowledge of curing hams as she was writing a book and the subject of curing and preserving meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Her book is now out and this is a truly great encyclopedia for those of you who are interested in this subject. It de-mystifies the curing process and covers many different preserving methods from around the world. This is a beautifully written book, with tremendous full colour photographs to accompany the recipes.

The recipes are inspiring and traditional, making the most of the preserved products you can make. In addition to looking at the preserving aspect of curing, the book also explains all the amazing flavours that can be brought to bear by this ancient art.

Cured is a true slow food book of curing and cooking, and I recommend this to all of you who are interested in this traditional and ancient art. Of course, this book complements my charcuterie courses particularly well!!

You can buy the book from Amazon here.