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BBC3′s Young Butcher Of The Year 2010

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We have now finished filming for BBC3′s “Young Butcher of the Year” and are excited that it will be shown on Monday the 20th of December at 8pm. You will see Justin Preston, a butcher from Mayfair, myself, and George Lamb sorting through the young apprentices to find out who is the best to carry home this award.

The programme has received a great write-up in the Radio Times, and has been chosen as pick of the day for the 20th of December. The Review says “Judges Justin Preston and David Lishman know what they are looking for; knife skills, clever presentation, and a proper awareness of the value of meat” The review continues “it is almost irrelevant who takes the prize-they are all winners-and it is pleasing to note that they all work in proper butchers or farm shops”

It is great to be part of a really good programme promoting a true craft that people can appreciate.